SDS-Plus 26mm 900W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill With Safety Clutch 3 Functions

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SDS-Plus 26mm 900W Heavy Duty Corded Rotary Hammer Drill
Power: 900W
Drill Diameter: 26mm
No-Load speed:0-1100rpm
Impact Rate: 0-4890 bpm

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SDS-Plus 26mm 900W Heavy Duty Corded Rotary Hammer Drill with Safety Clutch 3 Functions

Rotary hammer drills can be used for “doweling” (repetitive drilling of large rebar anchor holes) and drilling through-holes in concrete and masonry walls. The hammering action helps break up the masonry so that it can be removed by the drill bit’s flutes.

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parts of 2-28 rotary hammer


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Model: ETRH 2-28




Drill Diameter: 26mm

No-load speed:0-1100 RPM

2m 2*0.75mm VDE power cord

1 pcs ETRH2-28 Rotary hammer

3 pcs 6/8/10mm Drill bits

1 pcs flat chisel

1 pcs point chisel

1 pcs depth gauge

1 pc Instruction Manual

1 pcs carbon brush

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